Diksha and Muni Jeevan of Gurudev

He used to listen for hours and even after the completion of shibirs, he used to seat at the corner of the shibir hall and cry for hours and hours. The will and desires that were created in previous birth strongly, became quite clear and brawny.He announced his decision of Sansaar Tyaag at home and as usual faced terrific opposition from his family. The specialty of Gold is that the more you burn it, the stronger it becomes. Guru maa was such Gold. He wanted to swim against the flow of water and was ready to face any problem.In the age of 18, everyone has to surrender in front of his strengthened personality and Mumbai witnessed one of the biggest Varsidaan Yatra of the Boy who was going to change generations. Param Pujya Aacharya Shrimad Vijay Prem suri shwarji Maharaja gave him Rajoharan which turned a raw material into fully finished and furnished entity.Normally, it is one’s luck to take Diksha oath in Jain shashan, but it was a real luck of Jain shashan that this Lion took Diksha at an early age.

The moment Indravadan became Chandrashekhar vijayji maharaj sahib his entire existence changed drastically. He was counted as a dull student in school but immense Guru bhakti and dedication towards Pujya Premsuri Maharaj saheb gave him a new birth in Gnaan Praapti.For the fourteen years of Muni jivan, he never turned to see even his relatives or shraavaks. He was not only the favorite shishya of his Guruji but also was considered as the lifetime best student by the Kashi Vidyapith Nyaay Guruji. It was always a question for the people to judge that his efforts were more or his intelligence? While studying the most difficult Nyaay Granth, he used to write down so many books of homework.Swaadhyaay is said to be the heart of Saadhu Jivan and Pujya Guruma lived the life quite dominantly in this field. Raatri swaadhyaay wa one of the favorite activity of Pujya Prem suri maharaj and to please his Guru, he used to have 4 hours of Raatri swaadhyaay after pratikraman.Gurudev was King of knowledge as he was the owner of 20,000 shloks in his mind. He was also having amazing grip in Tatva Gnaan. His earlier books expose his exclusive depth of Shaastra Gnaan.He was having great nature of being Bold and revolutionary. Whenever he finds anything wrong, he used to oppose it with full force let it be outside or within himself. He was a great confessionary. He used to confess his smallest sins in front of thousands of people which truly require guts inside. Despite of being one of the great names in the history, he was so simple and down to earth personality that whenever he seats with children, no one can separate him from them. He was a forever child.Gurudev was guru of 84 shishyas but he never had a feel of that for a second in life. So many times he used to cry in front of his shishyas by saying that, “Tame moksh ma jaao tyaare aa paapi chandrashekhar ne tamara pag no angutho pakadva dejo!!”He was almost a perfect definition of an ideal Muni jivan. He never requires words to convince someone because his behavior was a mobile pravachan for the world. Panyaas shri Chandrashekhar Vijayji touched all the aspects of Jain shashan with utmost mastery.Samyag GnaanHe himself earned massive Gnaan, he taught people with the help of Tapovan and Sanskrit Pathshala.

His pravachan were always an eye opener for the people and he passed on incredible and unparallel Gnaan dhaara with quite a unique vision and dimension.Samyag DarshanNo one can ever beat the shradhha and Khumaari of Gurumaa in the world. Someone rightly said that,“We are having facilities to have Blood test, Glucoma and Sugar test but if we would have the Khumaari test in Blood, Gurumaa would have been the highest scorer in the world”.All these Khumaari and purity was byproduct of his implausible and explosive Shradhha towards Parmatma Vardhmaan. The Shashan Geet of “Gaaje Gaaje chhe Mahaveer nu shashan Gaaje chhe” written by him is one of the best compositions ever. He was never involved into “Samudaay difference”. One of his hit statements of those days was,“If your Guru says that the Sanvatsari is on Monday, do it on Monday. If they say on Tuesday, do it on Tuesday. If all guru bhagwants agrees to make a consensus, I am ready to do it on Wednesday. Jagda khatam karva sanvatsari aave chhe ane aapne sanvatsari mate jagdaa kariye chhe. Niyati ne Salaam!!”These statements are showing greater inner clarity towards samyaktva.Samyag ChaaritraChaaritra Paalan was the highlighted quality of Pujya Guru Maa’s Jivan. The use of Muhpatti, Rajoharan and strictness in Nav Vaad in his life was heroic. He was not only an Aaradhak but also was the best Prabhaavak. This fact can be seen with the fact that all of his shishyas took these qualities in heredity. His shishya parivaar was quite distinctive from all the other sadhu bhagwants as they had got the master of “Vaachna” on their head.Gurudev was never indulged in any controversy but he never was feared of it. In his life span he has given “Bhav Aalochna” to more than 50,000 people which can be a record. “Paapo ni Shuddhi” was the base slogan of his life.He was truly a master creation of God. The earth is really lucky to have such an amazing person for 78 years and so we are.Pujya Chandrashekhar Vijayji na Muni jivan ne dhanya ho!!