GunnVaibhav of Gurudev


It is said that Karunaa is mother of all the Tirthankars and Guru Maa was undoubtedly the soul of an Arihant, so Karunaa in his heart was flowing 24×7 and 365 days a year. Gurudev was quite curious and attached to the poor people even in his childhood. The habit drawn by his Mother, Subhadra Devi to feed a Chapatti to Dogs before having food had worked amazingly. Gurudev was full of Karunaa for the entire world. In the late 80’s when there was no rain for land and no grass for the animals in Gujarat, Gurudev took initiative and came to Mumbai. He kept the target of getting 2 Lakh rs. Per day and fulfilled all the requirements of Gaushalas of Gujraat quite successfully.Once he was in Tapovan and a Dog was crying in the late night. The very early morning he called upon all the trustees and cried in front of them by saying that “Chandra shekhar Vijay na jivan ma dhul padi..e ena jivan ma ek kutra ne pan radtaa atkaavi na shakyo!!” He cried in upashray for the entire night for offering condolence to that Dog. There are numerous examples like this.Before 16 years he announced open war against Chimanbhai Patel, the chief minister of Gujraat for the legislation for Gau Vansh ban in the state. After huge oppose and immense awareness in the people, the Chief Minister had to give up.Here is the statement of Chimanbhai Patel to the state, “ I am going to ban Gau Vansh Hatyaa from my state now onwards. I am aware that it will affect immensely to my Muslim Vote Bank but still Chandrashekhar Vijay Maharaj saheb and his huge caliber has left no option for me. He made the entire Government helpless against him. We are at knees to the strength of a Jain monk”!!Even when the BJP Government was in the rule, the Planning Commission planned to create 54,000 new slaughter houses all over India. When the ears of a Karunaa saagar Gurumaa heard it, he immediately announces that if the Government will accept these proposals, he will march towards Delhi and will take a Fire Bath in the streets of Chandni Chowk. His warning and Signature Campaign worked. By just one strong statement, this saint saved millions of animals. Even when Deonaar was on the eve of modernization, Guru Maa came to Mumbai and asked Jains to come on the streets to stop this cruelty. Ultimately that proposal also went to the dustbin.The saga of Guru Maa’s Karunaa is endless. We can just say that it is great Karunaa of Lord Vardhmaan that we were able to see, hear and touch the Karunaa-full personality of the world, Guru Maa….


An illiterate can see present, an educated can see tomorrow but a Gitaarth can see day after tomorrow. Gurudev was such a Gitaarth. The heroic proof to prove this statement is the activity of “Paryushana Aaradhna” by Veer Sainiks. Nearly 35 years back, Gurudev thought that the number of Saadhu Saadhwiji is quite lesser than the number of Shraavaks. Also they can not reach to distanced places where the Jains are located. By inspiring Karunaa towards these remote located Jains, Gurudev decided to prepare teams of Veer Sainiks who can read Paryushana Pravachans by following strict rules set by Gurudev.This was again a revolutionary step and every revolution is attached by huge oppose. One Mantra that Gurudev used to repeat in his Pravachan was..He not only said that but he practically lived like this. Inspite of huge contest, the roar of this Lion never got lower. He started sending the team and gradually Jain Shashan was able to see a dynamic change globally. So many centers from out of India started to call upon such Veer Sainiks and they managed to follow their religion at least 8 days a year with the kind blessings of Guru maa.There are thousands and millions of people who are beneficiary of this Paryuhshanaa aaraadhnaa activity and all credit goes to one and only Guru Maa.


One word that can never be separated from Gurudev’s life is “Youth Upliftment”. We can say that he was born for this purpose only. We used to say that a single man can do nothing. But, this Lion of Jain Shashan, changed the entire generation single handedly.After 16 years of Diksha, when Gurudev gave his first Pravachan, no one could have imagined that this Muni will turn into a revolutionary. He was not throwing words from his mouth, he used to throw fire. It was said in 80’s that if you listen to Gurudev and your life remains the same, you need to have a heart check up with the doctor!!He gave a new vision to the youth to understand that modernization and Christianization of India. One of the Maharaj saheb has rightly said that “If you subtract Chandrashekhar Vijayji from Mumbai, this Mumbai might have become Mombasa”!! He prepared a force of youth under the name of Veer Sainik.In those days Guru Maa used to say that “if Balasaheb Thackeray is proud of his Shiv Sena, I am proud of my Veer Sena.” His pravachans on Jain Ramayan and Jain Mahabharat were exceptional. During his “Ravivaariya Shibir” in Mumbai, all the trains were leading to the pravachan place, white and white was the Dress code for the Mumbai youth and all the foreheads were decorated by a big yellow Tilak to indicate the Jains. Despite of having illness in body, Pujya Guru maa used to take four to five injections at a time to make the youth aware of the evils of westernization. His pravachans were mesmerizing. 10 to 15 thousand people were attending his pravachans and none of them can go dry. Today, we are able to see black haired youth in temples and upaashrays only because Jain Shashan had Chandrashekhar vijayji. Pujya Ratnasundar Vijayji once said that whenever I see a guy dancing for Bhagwaan, I see a Chandrashekhar Vijayji in him because if this legendary man would have not took the Shibirs, the youth would have never come out of pubs and disks.He was, he is and he will be forever young in our hearts and this Jain shashan and entire world will never forget the great works done by him for the youth Upliftment.


There are many child specialist doctors available in the world but there was only one child specialist who not only cured their bodies but also improved their present and coming births. Obviously, his name was Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharaja. “Tapovan is a hospital which will not only offer a safeguard to your child from westernization but also is a vaccination that will keep all the ill wills far from the childrens”, this was said by Gurudev when he came up with the revolutionary idea of Tapovan. Huge oppose came within Jain shashan but Gurudev loved swimming against the flow. He managed with all opposes and finally gave this Jain shashan one of the greatest gifts of history, Tapovan. Saamuhik Ashta Prakaari Puja is another activity that turned around not only the children but also their entire families. Again it’s a gift from this God, Guru maa.

Today in the entire India, hundreds of sanghs are offering this Baal sanskaran Abhiyaan and are finding greatest results. Gurudev had a remarkable vision. He loved children amazingly and the children were dying to meet their mother, Guru maa. This name “Guru maa” is a gift from Tapovan. He was really the mother of all those children as the love, affection and feel that he was giving was unmatchable. The “Prabhu Milan” also is the gift of this Tapovan and Baal sanskaran. Gurudev has left no age, no person to touch his vision and to get them attached to Jain shashan. We have never seen the Saadhna of a Tirthankars, we just say that they strongly try to fulfill “Savi Jiv Karu Shashan rasi” thought but Gurudev showed us the practical example by living such an awesome life.


Gurudev and Bramhacharya were synonymous words. Both these elements were fulfilling each other. The way gurudev talks and behaves, it sounds quite unique and amazing. None of the female personality can come closer to him in entire life span. The height of his strength could be that his sister maharaj also could not come to talk with him in noon time or odd time. The bramhacharya of Gurudev was so pure that he could talk with some sensitive topics quite easily in public. It was his effort that saved so many youth from following trend blindly. Many of the people have experienced that just by taking Guru maa’s name, their female attraction melts immediately.

The Vaachna of Guru Maa was full of Vairaagya and Saiyam. Not only youth of colleges but also the young Saadhu Saadhviji bhagwant were inspired by Guru Maa’s Nirvikaari approach. His purity reflects in his words and attitude. If he or any of his Shishya is present in Upashraya, no female can visit after pravachan. His strict restriction saved so many sadhu sadhviji bhagwants of all the different samudaays. “Kyaare Banish hu Saacho Re Sant” was the most favorite stavan of this pure saint. Here, we feel proud of being the follower of the entity who has never allowed bad thoughts to stand near to him.

We pray to his soul to give us purity, power and strength to fight with this materialistic world.


There is a saying that you get whatever you have given. We can reverse the thing to understand why Gurudev is having huge and vast followers? It is quite simple, he was a great “Guru Bhakt” and therefore he earned such Guru bhakti from the world.His guru Prem Suri Maharaj saheb was one of the strictest guru bhagwants of that time for “Aachaar paalan”. “Swaadhyaay” was one of his favorite activities and Gurudev therefore started to focus on the same. For the 16 consecutive years of his Diksha, gurudev closed his eyes and mind for any other things except swaadhyaay and Guru bhakti.Before Diksha, he was not that brilliant in studies but after Diksha, he served his guru in such a unique manner that all the shower of “Guru krupa” fell on him. To prove his excellent Guru bhakti this quote from his Guru bhaai can be the most effective one, “In the entire muni jivan, he has never argued with his guru maharaj”.To please guru maharaj, he used to learn 70 gathas in just 7 hours. He totally devoted 20 thousands shloks to his gurudev. Pujya Prem suri maharaj saheb liked “Raatri swaadhyaay”. Gurudev became King of Raatri swaadhyaay. Daily he used to do it for four hours in night and during this 240 minutes, he used to swaadhyaay 4 thousand Sanskrit shloks. The highlight of his “gnaan aaradhna” was Sanskrit and Praakrit Vyaakran, the most difficult Grants of Pujya Yashovijayji and Pujya Haribhadra suri maharaj, Nyaay Granth, 45 aagams, Prakaran Granth and many more.He was learning all these scriptures just for a smile on the face of his guru. Even after starting Pravachans, he used to say so many times that “I am blessed with my Guru’s krupa and I can see my guru right beside me even after his Kaaldharma.”No one can ever describe his Guru Bhakti and the best part of his Guru Bhakti was that he lived the life in such a way that his Guru must be feeling proud of himself.

Guru Maa ni Guru bhakti ne laakh laakh Vandan !!!


Vairaagya means non-attachment to the worldly things and Gurudev probably had it from the very childhood. Despite of having immense wealth and all the possibilities to live like a King, he used to fulfill his needs, not luxuries. He has written in one of his book that he loved to offer food to poor and to help them with the money he ever gets in school time. The shibir of pujya Bhuvan Bhanu surishwarji Maharaja boosted his vairaagya a lot. He used to cry for hours after listening shibirs. The moment he committed to become a priest, he left eating “Ghee”. After his desperate efforts, his family gave permission and Indravadan became 11th shishya of Pujya Prem suri maharaj saheb.During his entire muni jivan, the use of “muhpatti” while speaking was quite a visible and notable thing. It became a set action that whenever he starts speaking, the Muhpatti automatically comes near to the face. His Vaachna to sadhu saadhviji changed thousands of lives. His vairaagya reflected in his thoughts and the strongest will to obey the orders of Vardhmaan and the approach of “Simply not done” to the sins was fabulous and unparallel….

He was an idol and idle for the people wish to live a vairaagi life. He is the best inspiration for the Mumukshu preparing for diksha. His body might have died but his “Vairaagi Jeevan” will live for ever in the minds and lives of his followers. Salute to the legendary man…


There are masters in the world for numerous segments but rare of the people are Masters of All and Guru maa was one of those rarest. His childhood was quite innocent, his Teen age was quite spiritual, his Muni jivan was quite dedicative, his Pravachans were quite aggressive and his Shashan bhakti was … (out of the dictionary range of words).